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3 months ago

Dogmeat; A Memoir of Love and Neurosurgery in San Francisco shared their post. ... See MoreSee Less

Me in my Dogmeat days, spring of 1986, in one of those rare and precious weekends off. The brief respite did not erase the emaciated look or the bags under the eyes

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3 months ago

Me in my Dogmeat days, spring of 1986, in one of those rare and precious weekends off. The brief respite did not erase the emaciated look or the bags under the eyes ... See MoreSee Less

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9 months ago

Surgery, Brain Research Pavillion that housed J3, featured in Chapter 1, as it is today. I came to the University of Chicago campus for my 35 year med school reunion. I tried to get in, walk around & relive old memories. Security wouldn't let me. ... See MoreSee Less

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11 months ago

Today, nearly three years after its publication, Dogmeat became available as an audiobook at Audible.com, read by John Gully, a capable, professional narrator who did a great job. He also re-designed the cover graphic to audible specifications. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 years ago

An old friend, Kevork Apkaryan, visiting me from Paris, told me that there were only two things he wanted to see on San Francisco: the Dogmeat hospital and Sunny's house. So I took him on a tour of the Sunset District. It made me wonder if there are others out there interested in a "Dogmeat Tour" of San Francisco; ... See MoreSee Less

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Mark to Murder: Death in Budapest (New in 2018!)

Mark Kent has come to Budapest at the urgent—and mysterious—written request of his childhood friend from Turkey, Ahmet, whom he lost touch with years earlier. Mark had immigrated to the States, where he became a radiologist in California. Ahmet disappeared into eastern Europe, involved in various shady dealings, as Mark discovers, and with too many women.

In Budapest, Mark discovers his friend murdered in the Royal Suite at the Gresham Palace. The bloodless scene leaves Mark, a doctor, baffled. But he’s determined to find out who killed Ahmet, why, and how.

Mark’s life becomes a kaleidoscope of hit men, spurned women, and detectives who raise as many suspicions as questions. And who is this skulking figure trailing Mark—friend or foe?

When an attractive young Hungarian policewoman named Jasmin decides to help Mark with his investigation, he soon realizes that she has other motives as well. Mark finds her irresistible—yet knows that he must resist her.

The story’s climax takes place in one of Budapest’s public bath houses. Just when Mark thinks he’s put the many pieces of this deadly puzzle together, there’s yet another twist. And in the end, he must turn, once again, to Jasmin.

Mark to Murder review
A few words, oddly scribbled on the back of a radiology report, send Dr. Mark Kent, a California radiologist, back to the Old World, to a place he has never been for a reunion with a schoolmate he lost contact with years ago.

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The schoolmate’s business dealings, and a complicated amorous history, put Mark’s life in jeopardy and he soon becomes a target of risk by association. The author takes the reader through a tour of an ancient mid-European city, from glittering architectural splendor, elegant dining venues (with a sampling of regional culinary delights) and a twenty-first century bathhouse to gritty, odorous back rooms at the city market and a greasy mechanic’s workshop. Mark to Murder is a skillfully told tale that leaves the reader hoping for more.